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Hired Gun Horsemanship

Hired Gun Horsemanship offers comprehensive training programs through a variety of programs designed to accommodate every riders needs.

– Sam Helms

Sam Helms has quite literally written the book on Cowboy Mounted Shooting. Nowhere has anyone gathered together and analyzed the CMSA Courses of Fire in such a comprehensive way. The Hired-Hand-Book is written for the lower level shooter looking for help in breaking down the stages in a step by step manner that will equal a clean, smooth run. Start with the Hired-Hand-Book and then join the Hired-Hand-Community with a monthly membership that gives you access to a weekly live group discussion with Sam. Our Platinum membership also gives you access to the full online course ware that breaks down each stage with multi-view aerial video.

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Join Hired Gun Horsemanship Online Learning Center

A membership to the Hired Gun Horsemanship Online Learning Center gives you access to weekly live sessions with Sam Helms as well as access to the Hired Gun Horsemanship library featuring Multi-View and Aerial video demonstrating how to run each of the 70+ current CMSA stages. The Online Learning Center brings the Hired-Gun-Book to life by combining the stage break-downs with 200+ video demonstrations.


Your next adventure vacation at the Hired Gun Home Ranch. Onsite facilities include ranch house accommodations, training arena dedicated to horse and rider training. Complete farrier services. Spend a day, or stay for a week.