Alexandra “Alex” Urton Assistant Trainer

It is long overdue that Alex Urton have her own page on the Hired Gun Horsemanship website. She came to this farm as a little girl, maybe 8 or 9 years old- all cherub cheeks and freckles, a ballerina no less. (In fact, the only dance recital I have ever been to was for this child.) Despite being an accomplished dancer, all she wanted was to learn to ride horses. She first joined the basic horsemanship program at the farm, which is now her program today. Her love of and passion for horses has always bordered on obsessive, there was never enough to learn. Time went by, her drive to know more about training and advanced riding grew, and she ultimately became my student. Then around 16 years old she began working with me, helping ride horses with the intent to learn to train a horse herself.

Naturally, everything the farm did, she did. So when mounted shooting started there, she joined in as well. Alex is now a Ladies level 5, with 5 wins- one away from becoming a level 6- and I could not be more proud of her. (Approximately only 2% of shooters are a level 6.) She went through the ranks a lot like I did- on several mounts, through injuries to both herself and her horses. She is 21 now and we actually share the same birthday, December 13, but I’m a little older.

All that being said, life is moving fast for her and as I watch her continue, it is with sadness that I realize she will be gone one day. My hope is that this stays a hobby for her, with a job that will support it endlessly. However, it is important to me as Hired Gun Horsemanship grows, for the public to know that Alex Urton is and has always been a rock in this program. Over the years, I have sustained several injuries that have prevented my being horseback and Alex has stepped up every time, no questions asked. No whining or complaining, whether it is hauling hay, riding broncs, or cleaning stalls.

Alex is the only person, aside from my daughter Carsen, who has helped me with the training of horses. In fact, she helped train my mare Jolene while I was out with a shattered collar bone- yes, the same Jolene that carried and kept me ranked nationally in the top 10 in points all year. Alex knows every in and out of the HGH riding program, and has the complete skill set required to train both horse and rider to the program standards. She is the only person (aside from family) that was with me before HGH was born, she has shed blood, sweat and tears as much as anyone here- and a lot more than some. Alex is family and always will be. No matter the direction life takes her there will always be a special place for her here, in my heart and in the horse world.