Hired Gun Clinics

Thank you for looking into a Sam Helms guided HGH Clinic! The most important piece of information needed on HGH Clinics is that it can be anything the client wants it to be! We are excited to offer a fun and educational experience customized not only for each group, but also each individual participant in that group.

Below is a quick list of ideas and info regarding your future clinic or retreat:

Clinics can…

be at HGH or Sam will travel to you

  • be scheduled in conjunction with shoots

  • be aimed more toward training the horses or introducing them to gunfire

  • be aimed more at helping the riders
  • be single or multi-day
  • be for novice or experienced riders or shooters

  • be combined with team building and corporate retreats or other outings

  • be a girls or guys weekend
  • be tailored to suit your needs

EMAIL or CALL Sam today for more information!