Are you struggling at home or in competition and just wish you could have a little help?

Simple, affordable, convenient- virtual coaching may be the answer for you. During your customized phone (facetime or skype) appointment, we will review your specific concerns, as well as what I saw as areas of strength and struggle for both horse and rider, in relation to course navigation and gun handling.

Interested in scheduling? Just follow the steps below:

  1. Click the link below to pre-pay.

  2. Email me at to schedule your appointment, with up to 4 videos for review. NOTE: The videos must be high enough quality for me to see what I need in order to help you! These can be sent via email as an attachment, as a link, or through Facebook Messenger.
  3. Call 704.458.2893 (facetime or skype) at your scheduled time and get ready to lower your frustration and take your mounted shooting to the next level!

Pricing is as follows:

    $25/first 30 minutes
$20/next 30 minutes