All 200 Coursemanship Videos


Thank you for your interest in our Hired Gun Coursemanship Videos.

These instructional videos are the culmination of a week of videoing, a year’s worth of editing, 1250 rounds of ammunition, 1500 balloons, 10 horses- some for sale, some in training, some finished shooters, 6 riders- 1 who came off, 2 blue dogs, 106 courses of fire, 4 helpers, 1 videographer, 28 miles walked, 3 drones- 1 that bit the dust, 2 ground cameras, and a whole lot of heart.

After payment, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download your videos.


What Will These Videos Do For You?
My goal with these videos is to offer clients and shooters far and wide the ability to get help and instruction; and for competitors to be able to read the posted courses at a match, download the videos, and have multiple view choices- drone and ground- of the many options of how to run those patterns, with my voice instruction in their ear. Essentially, professional help, even if I can’t be there with you. A virtual Hired Hand Book of sorts. During the videos, I include input on things like differences in how patterns may be set and what to look for, how to enter the pattern, when to engage the balloons, and how to run the patterns if you’re a beginner or top-level competitor, for starters.

Please note, the videos are organized according to how the Hired Hand Book is laid out (some with multiple options), and new patterns will also be updated annually according to the current Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association (CMSA) Rulebook of that year. While the videos removed by the CMSA are removed from the Hired Hand Book, the videos will remain archived here and included when someone buys them all- even if they are not current with CMSA.

Drone View
This view utilizes only the drone camera, sky view, and my voiceover instruction.

Multi-Cam View
This view utilizes both the drone camera, and ground cameras for multiple views throughout, and my voiceover instruction.

How Will You Get Your Videos?
Videos can be purchased in singles, a group of 3, a group of 10, or a bundle of all them (over 200).

Each individual course video is $5. However, 10 videos will be $35 and if you buy them all is $350.


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