Hired Help

From: $20.00 / month with a 3-day free trial

A membership and community built with you and your equine needs in mind. We all need some help from time to time, and that is exactly what this membership is all about. We thank you for your interest, read on to see why this is so beneficial for you!


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What exactly does the membership do for me?

Each month you will receive useful training tips and/or information for owners, riders, and your horses. This includes everything from gun handling, gun changes, horse and rider body position, how and where to engage courses of fire, how to up your game in competition and much more! Once you sign up, you will be invited to a private Facebook Group where this information will be shared. Don’t worry, we can get it to you even if you’re not on Facebook, just ask.

“Have a Sip with Sam” monthly live Facebook chats where you can chat with The Hired Gun, ask questions, and enjoy the guests we plan to bring in to discuss different topics that are beneficial to you and your equine endeavors.

Members will receive 10% off discounts on:

  • Hired Hand Book- both paperback and EBook
  • Instructional Videos (release date is coming soon!)
  • Apparel/Merchandise
  • Private Lessons
  • Clinics
  • Training
  • Coaching (At-Match)
  • E-Coaching (Video Review)

Bonuses for those of you who sign up for 6 months or more upfront:

  • (3) Free Instructional Videos
  • 10% off your purchase of EasyCare Cloud Boots from the Hired Horseshoer
  • 15% off your total one-time purchase with Custom Horse and Hound
  • And more!

Monthly, 6 Months, Yearly


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